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Become A Member
With the support of Galway City Council, St. Patrick's Band have been instrumental (pun intended) in developing the potential of musicians in the West since 1896. With purpose-built, centrally-located facilities and highly experienced and educated tutors, we are uniquely positioned to provide a first-class environment for budding musicians to thrive.

Whether you are a musician already or you want to learn a new brass or percussion instrument, St. Patrick's Band is the right fit for you! Come and join the legacy that is Galway's St. Patrick's Band!!

* We accept adults of any age and children from age seven upwards who are interested in learning how to read and play music.

* The Senior Band rehearses every Friday evening, and our Junior and Intermediate Bands rehearses Saturday mornings and afternoons.
<br>Our History

Our History
St Patrick’s Band has enjoyed a long and lasting legacy with the people of Galway City. Originally founded in 1896 as the Forster Street Fife and Drum band, it moved to its present location in Frenchville Lane circa 1900, where you will still find its active members practicing to this day.

Galway’s first St Patrick’s Day Parade took place in 1903 with the band leading the procession, and has been involved in every St Patrick’s Day Parade since. The band flourished and by 1911, after raising the necessary funding, the freshly named St Patrick’s Brass and Reed Band took to the streets of Galway, it’s bandhall in Frenchville Lane becoming an established social hub in Galway.

Nearly a hundred years later, having been involved in almost every major event to come to Galway City, with the generosity and support of the people and Councils of Galway, the members of St. Patrick’s Band were able to move into a brand new bandhall at the same location and continue its proud tradition of bringing music and joy to the people of Galway.

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St. Patrick’s Band is unique, with a rich skillset in brass music and a valuable legacy to hand down to future generations. Our core principle is to keep brass traditions and activities alive for future band members and audiences throughout Galway.

To accomplish this, we provide tuition, instruments, equipment, uniforms, music and security for all our new members so they can excel and hopefully out-perform the generations that have gone before them.

100% of your donation goes to the upkeep of the band and will ensure that the distinctive sounds of brass instruments and melodies will continue to resonate as part of Galway’s events and spectacles for another 130 years!

Thank you for your support!